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 Welcome to Miami Flight Training, LLc.

 The first step is to apply for the Verification of Authenticity (use Google under Verification of Authenticity) or use http://registry.faa.gov/docs/verify61-75.pdf. Send the form and the documents that the form requires to:

Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760,
PO BOX 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082 or
Fax the form and documents to: (405) 954-9922.

 The process will take six to eight weeks to confirm your license. They will send you a letter when it's approved. The expiration date for this letter is about six months. You need to have 2 current copies, one to apply for the “Restricted Private Pilot Certificate with the FAA and the second for the ATP check ride.

 The second step is the ATP/CTP program in Pan Am Academy. The starts dates are in our website and as soon as you decide the date I will start your enrollment process.

 Your contact for any question or concern any time is Capt. Isaac Kelmann, Account Executive for Latin America at Pan Am Academy
T: (305) 874-6550 x6554
M: (954) 249-9157
F: (303) 355-5560
C: (954) 249 9157

 At your date of arrival, you need to to obtain a restricted American Private Pilot Certificate based on your Country license. Remember, you need two copies of the “Verification of Authenticity” for both, the restricted Private Pilot Certificate and for the ATP check ride.

 This program is a preparation to obtain the American ATP certificate; it is not a training course. You need to be current in English, multi-engine and instruments. The time for the preparation is now extended by 2 more days for a "Flight Review" exam required for the applicants to an American Certificate and one more day to obtain the American Private Pilot Certificate; now the total is about 11-12 days (2 weeks). The cost of the preparation is $3,850.

 The preparation fee includes preparation for: flight review, preparation for the oral exam and preparation in the airplane systems (about 20 hours), the flight instruction (4.8 hours), the airplane (4.8 hours preparation and 2.2 hours of check-ride). The preparation fee does not include the written test review, the written test ($165 that needs to be paid with credit card to the organization CATS), the fee for the flight review and the ATP flight test.

 Best regards,

 Hernando Paz Valencia